What is Linux?  It is a freely available clone of the UNIX operating system that runs on just about any flavor of fairly recent home computer-386 or better PC's, Mac 6800 or Power Macs, Amigas, SPARC, ALPHA and others.  The support for Intel-based PC hardware is nothing short of phenomenal, due to the dedication of the many volunteers who write and support the device drivers, kernel, and application software for Linux.  Linux can be downloaded for free from the internet, or purchased in CD form in both an inexpensive version of the FTP site or a value-added commercial distribution, which may include additional commercial software for personal use.  It can also coexist with your present PC operating system; I use it with both Windows 98 and NT.  The really neat thing-it NEVER seems to crash.  Some people have reported uptimes of 3 years or more.  Look at the links below for more information:

Sellers of inexpensive Linux CDs:

Commercial Distributions:

Application Software: