MUS 435/535 Spring 1999


Instructor: Tom Trent Office Hour: 10-11 MW, TBA

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This course is a continuation of Mus 434/534, the third term of a three-term sequence in Counterpoint. We will begin with a review of techniques in double fugue. Following this we will investigate Classical contrapuntal techniques, Romantic polyphony, and counterpoint in the first half of the twentieth century with emphasis on techniques used by Schoenberg, Webern, Hindemith, Bartòk, and Stravinsky.

We will continue to use Modal and Tonal Counterpoint by H. Owen as our text. Other materials will be handed out in class.

A schedule of exercises and projects is given on the back of this sheet which shows the current chapter to be discussed, assignments for undergraduates and for graduates, due dates, and task numbers. Late work will earn a lower grade; late papers will not be accepted after two weeks from the date due. A mid-term project (described on the schedule) is due in score and recording on May 3rd. A mid-term quiz will be given on April 21. A comprehensive examination covering the year's work will be given during the last two weeks of classes. Your final project, in score and recorded performance, is due at the time of the final examination, 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 9th.

Please keep all your tasks and projects in a binder and bring it to class regularly.

Your grade will be based on 1) the quality of your exercises, tests, and projects,
2) involvement in class activities (discussion, performance, etc.), and 3) regular, punctual attendance, and timely receipt of written work.

The final project will be a contrapuntal piece in a twentieth-century style. Those of you who are composition majors are encouraged to write in your own style. You may use any contrapuntal genre of moderate proportions (about three to six pages of score) with the instructor’s approval. Please use live performers, not synthesizers, for your recording.

Tapes of your final project will be played during the scheduled time for the final examination, June 9, beginning at 1:15.

Please make every effort to come to class, even if you are a little behind. If there is anything unclear about the material or the assignments, please ask me, either in class or during office hour.


The schedule is subject to minor adjustments as the term progresses. Late assignments will receive lower grades. Late papers will not be accepted two weeks after due date. An "I" will be given only when a small but important part of the work has not been completed by the final examination time. NOTE: * indicates the task replaces that listed for the undergraduates.