Brief Biography

    Tom Trent was born in Los Angeles, California in 1955, and began music studies with the trumpet at age 5, later picking up the guitar and horn.  He sang throughout his life and began composing in high school.  After getting his undergraduate degree at U.S.C., he worked as a choral singer and conductor, and went back to get his Master's at the University of California, Riverside.  He now lived in Idyllwild, California, and taught at the School of Music and the Arts there, as well as singing in Los Angeles.  Mr. Trent moved to Eugene, Oregon in 1991 to begin working on his Doctorate in Composition at the University of Oregon, which he completed in December of 1998.  

    Mr. Trent's composing has really taken off since coming to Eugene, and some of his most notable performances have been connected with the Oregon Bach Festival.  His Variations on Amanda was performed by the Verdi String Quartet in July of 1995, in conjunction with his work with Judith Weir at the O.B.F. Composer's Symposium.  He returned the next year and worked with John Harbison and had one of his Three Songs of Tasso performed by Dan Dreissen.  Many of his later pieces involve voice, including The Dark Rose and The Lamentations of Jeremiah for a cappella chorus and Exultate Justi for chorus, trumpet and organ.  His dissertation was a Magnificat for chorus, soloists and orchestra, which was read in November, 1998 and will receive a real performance in the spring of 1999.

   Tom has been an amateur radio operator since the age of 13, and still enjoys getting on the air.  His present callsign is K7ZL, and former calls include AA7NH and WA6PZL.  Most of his activity is on VHF, especially during contests and special times like meteor showers, when he might be found operating from a distant and chilly mountaintop.  Some interesting amateur radio links may be found here.